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Send mobile top-ups to friends & family back home.

Introductory offer - 5% bonus on all top-ups!

Use Tortooga Pay for your mobile air-time top-ups in Cuba, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and
130+ countries
in the world

Use Tortooga Pay to Top-Up your friends and family's mobile devices. It's simple, fast, and effortless.

Use Tortooga Pay to top-up your mobile plan to use Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Netflix, Instagram, Zoom, Google, and more.

Tortooga Pay - we prioritize safety and security


Service in 144 countries
Send a top-up in USD and receive it in the local currency of the recipient
Transactions processed immediately from the comfort of your home
A 24/7 online service with a support team always ready to help you
Powered by Stripe, your payments are simple and secure
Top-up your balance with a minimum purchase of $5


5% Bonus

For a limited time receive a 5% bonus for prepaid airtime

Country Bonuses

Over 130 countries can receive a bonus when registering

Send your first top-up from the US to Cuba, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, or the Dominican Republic.

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The leading air-time recharge platform in Mexico and the world
We process millions of top-ups everyday
Focused on developing and providing you the best financial services
Tortooga Pay card
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Top-Ups for your mobile airtime minutes
Data packages for internet
Unlimited mobile top-ups
Telcel, ATT,
Virgin, Cubacel,
Tigo, + more